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Our home located in a bunglow house at Taman Sri Andalas Klang near to hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahima Klang,  accommodate 57 children & adults age 3 to 90 years is a happy multiracial home .

We have employed full time staffs to look after and the children in their daily activities like feeding, cleaning and bathing.

We also have school going childrens special shool and normal school , this  given apportunity to interact with other disable kids to develop their interpersonal and socialations skills

Our aim is to develop our children physically to be as human being as possible. Our task is  hard at times, but we believe that with love, care and proper guidance, these children will grow up with the right values in life and with love in their hearts.

Which gives them plenty of opportunity to express themselves physically. They love outhing to theme parks and other places where they can play and have fun

Our monthly expenses rich to RM 9,000 to 11,000.

In coclussion , we also need those who able to support our home monthly in any way , we wish to thank you once again for  your unending support, kind word and deeds.

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Anbe Sivam Opening Klang Branch.  This centre dedicate for male

children and adult accommodation.